There are so many things that pop in my head–nuggets of wisdom if you will–which I would love to share with my son. The problem is that he is only 9 months old and right now he’s focused on learning how to feed himself. So, I will be posting my fatherly wisdom here for now. They will be, for the most part, (semi) original thoughts accompanied by original artwork. Don’t make fun of me.


“Don’t ever let your heart turn to stone son. It’s so easy to let that happen, to let anger and resentment take over. Whenever you feel your heart turning cold, allow love to defrost it; let it melt the ice away from that place where the Spirit dwells.

In order to love someone you have to create room in your heart for them, a tiny space where they can live. This means that a piece of yourself has to die. This can be scary and difficult, but don’t be afraid son. To love is to identify with someone so much that you form a union with them, a fusion. Remember that your ‘self’ does not end with your body, it extends as far as the things and people you love.

Sometimes this radical kind of love can be painful, because when someone betrays us it hurts really, really bad. But if you want to live a life that is filled with abundance–and not lead a trivial existence–you must love with reckless abandon.

So when you feel yourself building boundaries between yourself and others, remind yourself that boundaries are a signal that love has failed. Let the well-being of the other define your self-hood and the rest will fall into place.”

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